Welcome to PSO2 NA Guides!

This is a collection of guides written by Flamii, specifically for beginner players, during their time playing PSO2JP (along with some external guides). I stumbled upon this site while looking for good resources for new NA players, contacted Flamii, and got their permission to host a NA mirror (using their terms and making edits relevant to their content at the time). Thank you for all your hard work, Flamii!

– Aida Enna

Original homepage text by Flamii:

Welcome to my little PSO2 guide project. This started out because of a lot of common questions that people in my team kept asking. I decided to just put it all together in some site I can just point people to. I know a lot people have trouble getting started or don’t even know how to play a class. You can try out the tips here and then come up with your own play-style. Nothing here is solid “you-must-do-this” information, more of just some insight so you go from “omg what do I even do” to “that sound’s interesting, I’ll try it out”.

I decided to stop monthly updates of the guides as of the end of 2018. A lot of the stuff is generally the same year after year, but please double-check the info you get from here. I occasionally update pages every now and then so feel free to let me know of anything outdated still lurking around.

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